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What we stand for

Ethics- Values over Interests 

We will not compromise on our values for the sake of exploiting a business opportunity. We are people like you that believe what you believe. Good business is not our only focus, it is a by-product of having a bigger vision. We achieve this by investing in suppliers, local businesses and customers that genuinely believe in the betterment of society. 

exploitation- FREE

We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. We do not believe in pleasing the customer by promoting an organic and cruelty free product at the cost of mistreating workers either locally or overseas. Therefore, will not promote or engage with suppliers or other stakeholders in the supply chain that have been identified as exploiting their workers.



We don't just recycle, that is what everyone does with the recycling bin at home. We take things to the next level by reworking materials back into our business processes (sometimes more than once) before they are sent to the recycling bin, helping minimize overall carbon footprint. We don't believe in cleaning up "someone else's mess", then why should you clean up after us?

Best Quality

We believe that you are entitled to the best experience, hence why we USE our own products on a regular basis. This provides for a honest and genuine experience for you as we really do believe in what we are preaching! Combined with honest feedback, we are better able to continuously improve on our products and services to better tailor the best experience for you.

Ayat Arar

Founder's Promise

We promise the best handcrafted goods for your pleasure. This is achieved by promoting a stress-free environment that values innovation and customer feedback. After all, how can you put in 100% if you do not feel that you are being looked after. This is the difference between making a product and a work of art. 

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