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Personal & Product care

Now that you might have all these wonderful gifts, taking good care of them will help you gain the maximum benefit out of your Simple Pleasures and help extend their shelf-life.


Hair and Beard care

  • Nothing beats a warm shower. For best results, run under warm water and lather up with soap. For best results, leave on for 1-2 mins minimum. As the shower heats up, your pores will open up allowing more of the rich oils and butters to be absorbed from the tip of your hair to the roots of your hair follicles. 

  • Apply a minute quantity over your fingertips "a fingernail scratch" for every fistful of hair. Rub the balm between your palms to melt it and spread it evenly over your hands before gently stroking your hair or beard. For best results, do this on clean and dry hair. 

  • We do not use preservatives or emulsifiers.  Therefore, it is not uncommon to witness a slight change in texture or minor grains our balm. This is perfectly fine as the butters and oils are trying to revert back tot their natural state. Eliminate this by rubbing over your balms before application as it should begin to melt and warm up. 

  • As this balm is rich in butters, it will have a tendency to harden up in winter. Simply warm up either with the palm of the hand or 10 seconds using a microwave. 

  • Ideal times to apply your balm are after a shower, before applying a head covering or face mask and after hair/beard straightening bring back the good oils to your hair. Focus on your scalp as well as well as the tips of your hair and any other areas that are damaged or prone to breakage. 

  • It is better to spread your application "In the morning and before going to bed",  then to use all at once as you might end up 'over-balming'. Over-balming will produce oily hair which can attract dust and acne. 


Soap Care

Our butter-to-oil ratio combined with sodium lactate has been precisely formulated to create a long lasting bar of soap for your soaping pleasure. To get the maximum benefit out of your soap, we recommend:

  • Keeping your bar of soap dry. Investing in a good soap holder can easily extend its life by a factor of two compared to leaving it in a puddle of water. Look after your bar and it will look after you!

  • Cutting your bar of soap on a 'as needed basis’ will ensure that most of the bar is not exposed to unnecessary exposure. Slicing it into small and ergonomic portions also means that the bar will fit more comfortable into your hand, adding to a more pleasurable experience.

  • Exposing your bar to water will effectively 'unlock' its benefits by releasing its fats, essential oils and fragrances. For maximum benefit for your hair and skin, we highly recommend leaving the soap residue on your body for a few minutes to ensure in-depth penetration to hair and skin.

  • If you are prone to oily skin or acne, try all the above with a hot shower. It will effectively aid in expanding your pores to help deliver a more thorough clean.

  • If you have not used your soap for a while, the essential oils will dry up in your bar which is perfectly natural. The scent might be slightly weaker as we do not use fragrance oils or preservatives but the benefit of the soap and its oils are still there.  Simply remedy this by re-hydrating your soap. 



  • Practice makes perfect! Bakhoor burning is an art that requires attending to a burning charcoal that changes with heat intensity overtime. Make the most of it and enjoy it but remember to keep it safe. 

  • Always keep incense/bakhoor lit in a well ventilated place. Always keep a close eye on incense that is burning and ensure to keep all burning charcoal out of reach of your pets and children. Pets can also be quite susceptible to incense/bakhoor, especially if they have not been accustomed to it. Burn a small amount to begin with then gradually increase over time. 

  • For much more slow release of your fragrance, burn on a low heat or a mica plate if you are using an electric censer. For a charcoal censer, burn your item over a piece of tin foil or sheetmetal rather than putting directly on the coal.

  • If you find the incense scent is overpowering you could:

    • Extinguish the flame.

    • Open windows to encourage circulation.

    • Circulate the incense stick around the house.

    • Leave it in a different room and let the scent waft over through normal air circulation.

  • For best results, keep your Agarwoods/Ouds/Resins as 'oily' as possible. Store away from sunlight and invest in airtight containers and you should witness best results. You will not regret it. 


Scented Body OILS


  • These traditional bottles have a built-in 'safety design' which helps to prevent them from leaking. You might notice that your roll-on bottle may not be rolling. This is perfectly fine for brand new bottles. You might need to 'break-in' your new bottle by applying force and rubbing it vigorously on the palm of your hands. The oil will come and and begin to lubricate the housing which will allow for smoother application. 

  • We do not use emulsifiers in our oils as it provides for the most natural experience possible. Therefore over a very long time, you might (but very rarely) notice some slight separation beginning to take place (although it is very rare). Simply remedy this by shaking the bottle before each application. 

  • Apply your roll-on bottle on clean and well hydrated skin for good scent dispersion.

  • Our travel-sized bottles are very convenient. Apply in small quantities throughout the day rather than large quantity at once. You will notice that not only would you achieve balanced scent dispersion, your skin would be much more hydrated.

  • Apply your roll-on bottle on clean and well hydrated skin for good scent dispersion.

  • Ideas for application include the hands and inside the palms and/or around the neck-line. The scent will waft naturally as you move throughout the day.

  • Nothing good lasts forever! Therefore, we advise that you try your best to keep your oils in a cool and dry place. Keep clear from direct sunlight. 

Camelia & Jasmine Body Oil.jpg


Skin care is the most complex issue to address, therefore it is vital that you seek medical attention from a recognized professional. Our products are not and alternative but a natural compliment to the skin care regime that you have in place. Despite saying these, our rich balm All-Purpose balm can be used for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Alleviate dry and itchy scalp/beard.

  • Flaky and dry skin.

  • Cracking skin (such as soles of of the feet)

  • Dandruff/Beard-druff.

  • A long-term based moisturizer (in relation to oils)

  • A soothing option to help re hydrate damaged skin.

It is better to spread your application "In the morning and before going to bed",  then to use all at once as you might end up 'over-balming'. Over-balming will produce oily hair which can attract dust and acne. 

If you use essential oils on a regular basis. You can use our unscented Simply Pure Balm. Just melt the balm and add 5ml of your own essential oil mix. It is that simple!

Natural Revive Bath Salt - Large

Bath Scented Goods

Our bath bombs will help cleanse and sooth your skin.
For best results, please keep them stored away from moisture as they will begin to under damp conditions. The same goes for the bath salts.


  • The bath bombs that we use contain should not only cleanse you, but help moisturize your skin making it feel soft and tender. As they contain jojoba oil and Shea Butter, they may be able to relieve itchy skin.

  • The salts are very versatile and can be used for a variety of conditions such as: 

    • Muscle pain and stiffness.

    • Stiff, aching joints.

    • Dry and itchy skin.

    • Increasing blood circulation.

    • Relieving hemorrhoids and other similar conditions.

  • If you are after relieving physical stress and anxiety, a warm bath as well as any one of our products will go a long way. 

  • Finally, always make sure that you remain hydrated. Sinking into a hot bath maybe relaxing to the point that you will feel sleepy. Simply plan all what you need in advance so that everything you need will be just an arms reach. Enjoy!

Bath Salts
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