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be part of the post 2020 revolution!

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Why a 'cheap' society is no longer sustainable

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that sustainability has become the only way forward for businesses and society to thrive. Lack of environmental and economic sustainability have had a negative impact on us personally, our environment and income.

In the past, I would have been happy to go through a lot of consumer goods simply because was cheap to do so. I bought these goods to address a problem in the short-term only to end up wasting more time and finances with a brand new set of problems because of not caring for the long-term "Not to mention that I was more tired now". With regret, I did not have the environment in mind not to mention the working conditions and bad business practices I was supporting by part-taking in these transactions. 

You are forgiven for falling into this trap like I did as this is the price we pay for living in a fast paced society. We have become so stress-driven that we look for things that 'just work' to get ourselves through the day or week  rather than focusing on investing in long-term based solutions which is the logical way forward.

Could we justify applying this logic to how we raise our children, what we put in/on our body or the environment? It is clear that in today's consumer society, cheap has now become the new expensive. I got my first proper wake-up call when I planned to build my house next to a crystal clear stream that was teaming with trout. I might have been careless for being unsustainable in the past, but if I was to have a future source of fresh food and water for myself, my children and my community, I would have to start thinking and acting differently. If 2020 has taught us anything, its is to act locally whilst thinking globally. Ethics and sustainability are not a business model, they are only way of life we can support moving forward.

Simple Pleasures - A new way forward?

The Simple Pleasures was founded on a key theme from 2020, sustainability in all its forms. We believe in creating great impact with very minimal effort. Now, every time you bathe, wash, or ignite a candle, you can rest assured knowing that your daily rituals are

creating a sustainable future for you, your family and local businesses who share the same vision of a brighter future.  In your hand is not an average incense stick or a bar of soap...its a revolution. 

Emotionally, we have lost touch with ourselves. Our numbness has become what we rely on to get us through the stress of the day and has made us lose interest in SIMPLE PLEASURES of life. 

You owe it to yourself to give your body and mind the best treatment it deserves. Reward yourself with a calm bath or a relaxing hot shower after a long day at work. How about a little something to freshen you up before you go out? Or maybe you are after something to help you wind down whilst you enjoy a little bit of 'me time'.

Whatever it is, SIMPLE PLEASURES is all about getting you through the week by making the most of the little things and enjoying life to its fullest. SIMPLE PLEASURES has a wide range of naturally handcrafted goods to help you with your journey to selfcare. You can also rest assured knowing that ethically sourced and manufactured goods are at the core of our business model with:

  • NO animal testing, harmful/excess chemicals.


  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

  • Supporting local businesses in Oceania and around the world.

Start today by pledging to enjoy the little pleasures in life and SIMPLE PLEASURES will be with you every step of the way :-) 

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