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By the people, for the people!

“These soaps are incredible. They have really changed my skin. My husband has started using them on his beard and he is amazed at how soft they have made his beard. Definitely recommend them to everyone.”

Deanna Khadi, Sydney

So you are not trying to sell me anything?

Honestly that's it! We did not have a product in mind since our reputation speaks for itself. People usually captivated by the products as they walk past and say "Wow, what was that?" . 

We don't have a marketing team, just a group of All-Round Awesomeness Officers that get feedback from people like you every week. We kept doing this until we were able to kick-off this business,  'The Simple Pleasures NZ' .

We are a family operated business specializing in a variety of scented natural hand-made goods. We believe in revolutionizing beauty and well-being by being as genuine and transparent as possible.

Natural Beauty Products

The simple Pleasures Experience

Where others industrialize, we go hand-made to in order to FEEL consistency and quality of our butters. When others opt for a cheap water base, we use an EXPENSIVE oil based solution. When synthetic scents are used, we go for much more FRAGRANT absolutes. Simply put, its about providing the best and most genuine experience for our community. Why not browse around to see what Simple Pleasures align with you?

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