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Join the post 2020 Revolution!

Who are We?

The Simple Pleasures was founded on a key theme from 2020, sustainability in all its forms. We believe in creating great impact with very minimal effort. Now, every time you bathe, wash, or ignite a candle, you can rest assured knowing that your daily rituals are

creating a sustainable future for you, your family and local businesses who share the same vision of a brighter future.  In your hand is not an average incense stick or a bar of's a revolution. 

Burning stuff 2.jpg

Heavenly Smoke

Ever thought of experiencing a journey like no other? We have brought together some of the purest and finest scents from the world to share with you. From now on, the word 'amazement' will appear to be an understatement. 

Its About You
Our Community

Bringing a customer-driven (instead of a product driven) approach to business, we are able to provide memorable experiences specifically tailored to you. Your feedback is what drives us and it is what gets us out of bed every morning. Every little simple pleasures is an encapsulation of the feedback that you send to us which plays a vital part of our continuous improvement program. Together, we are able to form a community of happy like-minded individuals that care about their self-care and development whilst taking care of our environment, one little increment at a time. 


“These soaps are incredible. They have really changed my skin. My husband has started using them on his beard and he is amazed at how soft they have made his beard. Definitely recommend them to everyone.”

Deanna Khadi, Sydney


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